Circle of Love

  • About

    Circle of Love is a seven-point program bound together by the commmon interest - love. Local courts can choose a portion of of the seven points (Education, Youth/JCDA, Spiritual Enhancement, Quality of Life, Legislation, Leadership, & Family) to focus on in their community.

  • State

    Memorial Mass Cards

    Memorial Mass Cards were established in 1980 to honor living and deceased past State Regeants. For one year, an individual may enroll a group or another indvidual to be remembered one a month at the Holy Mass. Funds go towards scholarships for graduating seniors. 

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  • National

    Habitat for Humanity

    CDA partners with Habitat for Humanity in order to give economically disadvantaged families a place to call home. 

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  • Local

    The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

    This is the newest organization we are supporting. Their mission is, " offer support, provide safety and prevent domestic and sexual violence." More information about them can be found under 'Resources'.

    Seminarian Support

    Once a month, we donate to a seminarian to help with any expenses they may have.

    Senior Scholarships

    These are awarded to graduating high school seniors of children or grandchildren of current CDA members. Funds for these scholarships are raised through our fundraisers.


    Throughout the year, some CDA members come together to make rosaries for students doing First Communion, Confirmation, or other events.

    Sunshine Committee 

    Also throughout the year, anyone in the parish or anyone at a member's request can contact the chairperson to have a card sent out to someone in need. 

    Seafarers' Boxes

    During Christmas time, CDA members come together to fill up shoeboxes for seafarers who cannot be with their families during the holidays.